Pets, like human beings, hold past trauma which involves shock, anger, fear, rage etc.

Animals are highly sensitive beings. They are part of the support system for the Earth and the human beings that live on the Earth. It is important to understand that animals are like sponges and they take on our issues such as traumas, grief, fear and rejection which materialises in behaviour problems or disease. Animals have a voice that most humans can’t connect with. Roisin can hear this voice and communicate with the animal to release the issues the animal is holding for the family they have chosen and the family that the animal has come from. Roisin works with all breeds of animals including domestic pets, race horses, milking cows etc.

In the case of livestock animals, Roisin can visit the animal at home. Smaller pets can be brought to Rainbow Lighthouse by the owner for a one-to-one session.

Energetic photograph Clearing Roisin clear blocked energies of a pet by viewing a recent photograph of the animal. A change in the pet’s behaviour is normally seen soon after a photo clearing.

We will need, in advance of the clearing date, a recent photograph of the pet, name, age and symptoms’ it is displaying.

One-to-One session at Rainbow Lighthouse (one-hour): £175

Home visits start from £300 and may vary depending on distance of travel. All costs will be identified beforehand and the final price submitted before starting.

Photograph clearing cost: £55

For more information and booking please call us on (#44) (0)28 9269 3499 Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm or email