Roisin has a profoundly positive effect on the people she meets and those who connect with her seeking Clearing. Below are just some of the many messages of thanks and accounts of life-changing experiences people have shared with Rainbow Lighthouse.

We are so blessed to have Roisin Eve and Rainbow Lighthouse in our lives. I am so grateful. It has brought me to where I am today and without a doubt I now have  peace of mind and my life is happier and more meaningful. Thank you Roisin Eve and Rainbow Lighthouse.

Angela Xx

I have been meaning to send this email for a while now. Today seems like the most appropriate day as I sit here after listening to the Awakening Meditation by Roisin Eve and the room full of beautiful candles with their healing energy. I look back on the past year and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for Rainbow Lighthouse & Roisin Eve coming into my life.

I have received telephone clearing from Roisin Eve, I have been to Clearing Events, I have received energetic healing – all of which have changed my life.
I have purchased amazing sacred candles which have been amazing for me but also my clients.
I started with the Rising Spirit meditation which gave me the strength and belief to rise, leave my job and help others.
I purchased the children’s meditations for my little girls. Amazing changes already in their beautiful little souls & their imaginations are fantastic now. The peace and calm within our house is a true blessing.
I honestly can not thank you all enough for everything you have done for me and my family within the last year.
Roisin Eve you are a truly truly amazing person. Thank you for sharing all these amazing tools with us and helping us grow.
To all the therapists within Rainbow lighthouse thank you all for sharing your love & light

Looking forward to sharing your message and helping hundreds if not millions connect with you.

Forever grateful & looking forward to the future.

Sharon & Family xxx

I first met Roisin Eve a year and a half ago.  Since then I have been to a number of Roisin Eve’s Clearing Events (some energetically), had a couple of telephone clearings and went on the New York retreat in February 2015.  All experiences have been profound and very powerful.  Having healed and let go of a lot of old emotions I have lost a significant amount of weight, become happier, more confident and opened my own business.  This has had a ripple effect and a number of family, friends and colleagues have benefited from my transformation.  Some of them have been inspired to embark on their own journey of healing and transformation.

Shonene, Co. Derry

I had a telephone clearing with Roisin Eve back in May and I wanted to say thank you! as I am only now understanding how I have progressed. My husband spoke with Roisin in April and has had a profound shift.  Lots of positive things, one being he starts a new job in September!

Colette, Co Tyrone

I’m so grateful for Friday, it was a lovely day, powerful hope and joy through all that came for healing. So much love to you both.

Linda, County Dublin

Thank you so much Roisin Eve and William …it’s always so lovely to hear from you. I remember that day I attended your healing with such lovely memories…..thank you both so much….I really did feel very well afterwards. I do think of you sometimes Roisin Eve and know you continue to help me in many ways.

Sheila, County Louth

I am taking the leap in the knowledge that I will be caught!! I am so grateful to you Roisin Eve for your inspiration in helping me to move on in my life. I do hope all is well in your lives. With renewed thanks. God Bless.

Sharon, Co. Meath

Thank you Roisin and William for all the time you allowed me today and all the love and care you both showed me and let me share.

Neil, County Down

Roisin Eve last Sunday was a beautiful experience and it is as if I have reached a turning point but I never want this to leave me and I feel I want more of it. I have thought about things you said at the end and I would love to talk to you more. Thank you. Love

Jane, County Down

This is an extract from a Facebook entry from a Chinese customer based in Hong Kong after meeting Roisin in Austria:

[Magical Experience]

Yesterday, in my Austria trip of working, learning and retreat, I was coughing like hell during the meditation, the lady next to my seat hold my hands in her hands. After 10 minutes, she told me, your heart is shattered. I am already crying when she said it. This lady’s name is Roisin, she is a clearer. What’s a clearer, I asked. She’s specialised in clearing people blockages to their blue prints.
She said when I came in this morning, the little girl (my soul) already went to her ask her to come to me. She reply her later, she would do when the time is right. In my mind, I was thinking, how long have you been doing this? Without me asking, she replied, since 4 years old. When she was in primary schools, she can see her classmates hearts have tears, and she will wipe it for them or cry on their behalf. I said this is what I was going to ask you. She said she heard, spirits tell her, so she’s replying me.
During tea break, I ask if I can book her for a session, she said she’s doing already. The healing doesn’t need sitting still. I noticed the beautiful pendant in front of her heart, there’s dandelion in it. So does her earrings.
Dandelion is her flower, she has them all over in her garden in her home in Ireland. She wanted more of it before, and started digging a hole and wanting to plant them. But spirits came and said to her, you don’t plant dandelion like that. You just blow them. Then Roisin and her daughter blow the dandelion all over their place. Then she met a jewellery maker who helped her to make the dandelion into jewellery which she energised them and support people’s healing journey. Just before I came to Austria, I was wanting to wear more jewellery, like rings & earrings, because I’m researching on the effects of spiritual jewellery. So, I bought myself a real gold ring just before I came. After I wear it, I feels great. The design is a like a flower with three valves, remind me of trinity. Every moment is a result of this. I can remind myself to be grateful for this moment’s existence. I want her earrings.
After the tea break. She sat beside me, rubbing my back and say I will:
Letting go of feeling left behind
Letting go of feeling unimportant
Letting go of lack
Letting go to receive
Letting go to seperate from within myself
Letting go of not being recognise
Letting go of being difficult
You didn’t play for long time.
You can play now.
I’m like bursting into tears.
Then she said, the little girl has a big smile on her face now. She sees hope.
She said also, there’s no fear on the road ahead of me, just to trust. Then she hold my hands and ask me to close my eyes and trust her. Ask me what color do I see. I said yellow. Then she put a little bag in my hand. It’s a pair of her dandelion earrings!!! And it’s Yellow!!! My heart was flooded with warmth. Oh my God! I’m so lucky.
Just on the night before, I dreamed about myself going to UK from Ireland. And Roisin is from North Ireland, and that’s UK!!! I couldn’t believe it.
Today, she and Emma helped me to put back my subtle bodies into place and cleared them. It’s gonna be a big transformation, she said. Better be ready for it. Anything that doesn’t not support me (for the highest good) will fade away. This needs to happen. Although the process may not be easy. But I will be looked after.
During morning tea time, she ask me how are you? What’s your color today? I said yellow. Then she wrote something on the tissue paper, put it on my back, ask me to close my eyes, leave my head and breath, down to the spine, and what’s the color now? I said blue. Because I feel the sky. Then she put the tissue paper on the table, it’s written Blue. We are so connected!!
She said, my name is Bella, just like Belle, in the Beauty & the Beast. My lesson is to make peace with the beast inside myself. The Beast is my shadow (dark sides) and Belle is the light. I need to fully accept, recognise and unconditional loving this beast, then he will become the prince.
I only know afterwards, she (and all the spirits) was here to support the course and Mike. Mike always need to wait until she’s seated to start. And spirits told her, she needs to come, because the world needs her, she needs to come and meet everyone. I truly believe this is true.
I am so grateful for this magical experience.
I’m going to invite Roisin to Hong Kong. I know this will happen~
Thank you Universe.
I’m a super lucky woman.

Bella, Hong Kong

Thank you for all your love kindness and support , What a wonderful day yesterday I am so grateful. I am now feeling and seeing how I am been supported and I am open to receive all of the support and I am feeling worthy.

Christine, County Cavan