What is a Clearing Session?

Roisin’s gift enables her to go to the core of your energy to connect with your light and then clear the darkness that is present in your different bodies – the mental, physical and emotional bodies. Most of us are unaware of these energies or blocks and it is only after a session that you will feel lighter, spiritually uplifted and happier about you, your life and the people in it. Old traumas, conditioning, phobias and other deep-rooted issues are also cleared.

Roisin holds her clearing energy in her solar plexus. When you are connected to Roisin’s energy vibration the clearing takes on a powerful transformational shift within you. After the Clearing there is energy movement which fills the body with peace and contentment.

Individual Zoom, telephone or face-to-face sessions have no set structures. Sometimes Roisin will meditate, or talk with you using special music. It is all about being connected to Roisin’s vibration.

Roisin gets guidance from Spirit and is supported by a colour therapy called Aura-Soma. These bottles of amazing energy support Roisin during your session. It is not about what is said in the session, it is about what is felt.

The clearing energy first begins when your name is entered into the appointment booking system. While some customers are waiting for the appointment day to arrive they may experience stomach cramps or light cold symptoms. Some customers can experience visions of Roisin as their appointment day approaches.

It is not important to be physically present. It’s all about the energy connection which travels and vibrates. Clearing is very powerful. Energy is never ending and never separate. We are all from the same source of ENERGY.

The human mind finds it difficult to comprehend the amazing potential of each person. It is a journey to leave the mind behind and open your heart.

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