Upcoming Meditation Events

New Earth Meditations – June

7 June, 2022 - 28 June, 2022

Online Meditation Events

Online group Clearing meditations raise our beings’ vibration, reconnecting each person present into the higher aspect of consciousness. Sensations of releasing, peace and relaxation are experienced in mind, heart, being and body. Roisin Eve opens her connections, drawing in the energies of Divine light and expresses the light into the group AURA. Reconnecting each person’s sacred voice, as beams of light penetrate the conditioning patterns of the ego, mentally and emotionally breaking through created barriers, shifting each person’s awareness to create new thoughts and emotions.

Roisin Eve expresses we cannot change what we have picked in life. The healing starts when we change how we feel and how we react to that we have picked. Clearing meditations support our mind and emotions to release and accept who we are in the moment. 

As you enter your presence and let go of past and future thoughts, you are then available to receive Divine abundance as you become aware that your essence is the fuel that drives your life. New opportunities, new feelings and new thoughts flow in. Roisin Eve expresses ‘practice make perfect’ – the more you do for your spiritual awakening, the more you receive in your all areas of your life.