We attract everything.

If your business is not running the way you envisaged it or dreamed it is because of our conditioning and learnt behaviour from our parents, schooling and the environment we have been brought up in. These thought forms and patterns create deep fears which form a negative energy which we give out on a very profound level to our staff, our business contacts which then create a feeling of insecurity. We then cause an issue with what we are truly meant to attract into our lives . It’s understanding your energy and clearing the thought processes that are attached to that energy centre that change occurs at a deep level. Your energy flows in to all the areas that have been blocked.

For a three hour morning seminar with staff – prices are based on groups of 10 people – the fee is £750. Each staff member will get a personal energetic shift with Roisin as well as a group energetic shift.

For directors of the business a separate clearing morning is advised.

For more information and booking please call us on (#44) (0)28 9269 3499 Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm or email