Sports Team Clearing

High performing players are key in creating a winning success strategy for any team. Roisin can clear teams who work hard, year in year out, only to fall at the last hurdle – The Final.

Championship feelings are created by resolving emotional team and player issues and by sustaining an environment of spiritual support. Positive improvement to the spiritual and emotional aspect of teams awakens high, powerful energetic players whose mental and physical performance shines.

The body must be treated as a whole to get the best performance out of it. We have to re-treat the product of our physical health, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health. It’s about bringing these into balance. Imagine yourself driving a Porsche – what you are telling the world is I am fast, I am successful, I want to be recognised and I am in control of where I am going. The Porsche is saying I am a leader, follow me.

Pretending to be a Porsche

When you are pretending to be a Porsche. The physical body is shiny and fit. Then you put remould tyres on it and add cheap fuel to the tank. The remould tyres are the emotions and baggage and the belief systems and the conditioning that you are carrying. The fuel is your nourishment and tyres. You drive it at 20mph. This is the level of your self esteem and confidence in yourself. You are not a leader and are not in control. You are heading for failure.

Emotions, past trauma’s and karma beliefs distract players from focusing on the game. By releasing this old conditioning, player’s attitudes and self confidence can be lifted to victory level.

Players’ personal belief in their purpose and role within the team becomes revitalised through personal empowerment.

Roisin can build a programme around the team’s wellbeing treating each individual and their needs to bring them into wholeness so that they can deliver 100% to their goal.

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