Soul Voice Day

Awakening the voice of your soul in the energies of Rainbow Lighthouse…

Release the old voices within your mind and let your soul voice guide you. Experience new beginnings by freeing yourself from unwanted emotions such as fear, anger and frustration.

When you become blocked on an energetic level you become stuck in your life. This day allows you to be supported as you let go of all that no longer serves you and begin to call back all the parts of yourself that have been sabotaging you. As you begin to transform negative energy at the highest level you will come to learn to love and accept yourself, allowing compassion to enter all areas of your life so that you become open to receive all that you truly deserve.

Allow six hours to enjoy the full energies of the Soul Voice Day. There will be time for lunch, time to sit in the garden and to find yourself without any agendas or distractions.

Come and experience yourself by learning to listen. Live the best life by learning to listen to your body’s voice. Forget about trying to have everything perfect, focus on being free within. Our body has many voices, all competing for our attention. Stillness is the way to connect with our true voice. Some call the voice intuition or knowingness. Others call it God or wisdom. It does not matter what name you place on it, what is important is that you hear the voice and you take steps to change.

We are conditioned to ignore our inner voice’s call. We make it wait, and wait, and wait until it becomes a faded whisper. Then our body must go into a reaction because the spirit and the human must work in harmony and, when they go into an imbalance, a problem arises in the physical, the emotional, the mental, the spiritual or the energetic body.

It usually starts without us noticing. Our breathing becomes shallow – but that’s OK. Anxiety and fear start to control us – but that’s OK. Sleep is broken and we feel heavy and tired – but that’s OK. Frustration, our mental madness becomes intolerable – but that’s OK. Depression raises its head – but that’s OK. To the mind, to not listen is OK. But to our being, OK means ‘overkill’.

Rainbow Lighthouse’s self-love process starts as you enter the gateway, arriving in the garden to sit and be still in the song of the resident birds – harmonising together. Breathing in the essence of the healing vibration of the plants and the trees – the colours and the sounds. Nature’s spirits help to ease your mind as you begin to listen to yourself. Music is another form of Divine communication that transcends language. Music is created in the Meditation Pod in the sacred gardens of Rainbow Lighthouse. The melodies communicate with our pure essence – creating calm, a feeling of safety and positivity.

We all need times of solitude and times of connection. Miraculously, giving and receiving are equally nourishing. You can’t receive if you are full, an occupied mind cannot receive. If you are in doubt about whether or not there is a Creator, just look out of your window and it is all around you. Connecting with the natural world calms our nervous system. Our spirit needs nourishment, our physicality needs nourishment, our emotions needs nourishment, our mental mind needs nourishment.

Chakra Matrix Therapy

Your day begins with a session on the Chakra Matrix Light Therapy System. The system was channelled by Roisin Eve and developed at the Rainbow Lighthouse Centre. The system helps to relax and clear deep and rooted issues as you rest under the powerful vibration of energies connected to the Egyptians – ancient knowledge, a system that talks in a secret language to the body’s DNA – realigns, awakens and supports a deep communication of the essence of who you are.

The Matrix Clearing System holds the violet ray of ancient wisdom expressing violet and infrared frequencies of light. It also holds the highest frequency vibration of 720-770 billion Hertz, exactly the frequency vibration of our central nervous system. The energy that flows though the Matrix System awakens our sacred geometry – As this energy is beyond the light we can see as humans, many of us are unaware of its power at this point in time.

30 minutes

Aura-Soma System with William

William will awaken you to your soul colour and connect to the power of your colour vibration using one of the most powerful therapies – light. William is an advanced level 3 Aura-Soma System practitioner. During the consultation he will guide you to the pathway of the inner-self giving you a clearer understanding of the experiences you have picked and the lessons you are here to learn in this lifetime.

Vicky Wall, the creator of the Aura-Soma System, describes it as a “non-intrusive, self-selective soul therapy”. Vicky always said that “You are the colours you choose”. Aura-Soma helps you to remember who you truly are and the challenges that you have picked, how to accept them and work through them for the greater good of yourself.

2 hours

Lunch Break

Enjoy some lunch and light refreshments.

1 hour 15 minutes

In-person Clearing with Roisin

Clearing helps release emotional, energetic blocks in the bodies. On deep level, a journey of wholeness is felt, as a deeper communication is awakened in your soul. During the clearing Roisin will clear emotions and conditioning patterns. Roisin’s gift enables her to go into the different levels of your energy body to connect with your light and clear the darkness that is present in your mental, physical and emotional bodies.

In life you choose a lesson as a spiritual being and then you step into a human vessel to learn the lessons and grow from them. The lessons you choose may involve trauma, shock abuse, grief, suffering, loss etc.

During the clearing Roisin will retrieve and integrate the parts of you that have been forced to step out due to these life experiences. This will awaken you at a deep level to go into a deep transformation.

2.5 hours

Fee for the Soul Voice Day – £850

To book please email or telephone +44 (0) 28 9269 3499.