Roisin’s Vision for Rainbow Lighthouse Centre

“My vision for Rainbow Lighthouse is to create a centre of wellbeing to support and help those of us that need guidance. A safe and quiet space to find oneself. Spirit came to me and explained that I am the mother of the orphans. They said that everybody is an orphan and I had to help guide them back to the garden of their heart. I am creating a sacred space of healing and support with the energy of love in building the centre and accommodation for those that need space and safety. To make this happen I need people to support my vision, open hearts in the way of volunteers, messengers to spread the message, financial support, all people that feel they can be of service in whatever talent they have.“

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Spirit says we must awaken the answers within us for the life that we have chosen. We have become extremely sensitive beings in this human lifetime. We are suffering in a major way – our minds are not at rest. Collective confusion, collective madness, collective addiction, collective depression and collective illnesses – all of the mind. Spirit says it’s time to reach for the answers within. Spirit has guided Roisin to create a centre of tranquil serenity to support people from all walks of life to find themselves spiritually, emotionally and mentally. (This is the Rainbow Lighthouse Centre in Dromore, County Down.)

Seven years ago Spirit showed Roisin a vision of a village of wooden pod houses which would hold special energies for six chosen therapists who are highly-attuned to the vibration of Rainbow Lighthouse. These therapists will guide and support the beings needs at this time on the planet to enable the being to feel and receive more of what the Universe has to offer.

The guides also showed Roisin a vision for accommodation for those of us who need refuge – a support system to help beings to get back on their feet. We are currently building our pod village and renovating our holistic centre in order to expand our workspace to hold spiritual events such as Clearing events, spiritual seminars, group therapies, yoga groups, meditation classes and spiritual courses.

These events are intended to guide, to empower and support people who want to find the answers by awakening their lightbody. The guides also asked Roisin to save/rescue? different plots of land so that animals can graze and heal the vibration of the Earth. It is the animals that heal the earth while it is the humans that contaminate the Earth.

This is the vision at this moment in time for the Rainbow Lighthouse family – to attract like-minded beings from every walk of life and from any belief system that wish to awaken their minds – everyone is welcome at Rainbow Lighthouse to become a volunteer, to give their time or energy in any form and to use their talents to help this vision to come to fruition. To be connect with Rainbow Lighthouse you can donate your time, donate building materials or make a financial donation. We accept help in all forms – help is a beautiful energy we ask for to create a family of beings to support and awaken other beings and to create a Lighthouse of energy in everyone. Let your soul guide you  in being a part of something bigger than your mind.

The Gardens at Rainbow Lighthouse

Rainbow Stars Remembrance Package

Rainbow Stars is a compassionate service intended to support families that have lost or are experiencing the loss of a loved one. Roisin has been guided by Spirit to offer this service to support parents and siblings of the lost loved one in clearing shock, separation, confusion, emptiness and anger. Roisin has also been guided to create an energised candle to support the grieving process – each time you light and burn the candle, healing will occur at a deep level.

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Specific homeopathic drops tailored to support the immediate family members on an emotional level will be created.

A prayer card is also included with prayers that have been guided by Roisin to support the heart.

A Rainbow Star will be created in memory of your loved one and lovingly placed in the Rainbow Remembrance garden by the family or the Rainbow Lighthouse therapists.

Roisin is also creating a place of remembrance at the pond in the garden of the Rainbow Lighthouse Centre surrounded by fruit trees and roses to heal grief. Families are invited to visit and reflect in the peaceful energy of love at the end of each calendar month.

This service being guided through the compassionate heart of Rainbow Lighthouse will create a very powerful process for the families involved to get to a deeper acceptance of why we chose these lessons in this lifetime.

The Rainbow Star Package costs £100. All proceeds from the Star Package contributes to the upkeep of the Remembrance garden for the families to visit and take benefit of.

Within this package Roisin offers her Clearing as a gift free of charge.

For details of how to avail of this service contact

Our People

A message from Roisin about William:

Spirit came to me on Saturday the 1st of April 2001 and told me I was going to meet my husband. I telephoned a friend, told her what had happened, and asked her to accompany me to Belfast as I had to go and connect with this energy. We drove to where I was guided – a hotel in Belfast city that I had never been to before.  As we walked into the hotel bar I saw William standing at the end of the bar with a friend I knew he was my husband to be. The magic began:


15 years later we have had two births – a beautiful daughter, Holly and the Rainbow Lighthouse Centre.

William works alongside me supporting my vision for Rainbow Lighthouse with a strong hand and lots of ideas and vision. When the Rainbow Lighthouse beam is weak he holds it up.

When William is not managing me, he is planning the next event whether in Ireland or France or the U.S., or he is holding free demonstrations helping people to see who they truly are, with the energy of colour. He will be resuming Aura-Soma consultations from September 2016.

William is very intuitive and focused and connects in a deep way to what people need. He doesn’t like quick fixes, he believes in a steady process to find oneself.

William’s experience with people from all walks of life allows him to share his knowledge and wisdom freely, supporting all who come to Rainbow Lighthouse.

A message from Roisin about Karin:

I met Karin ten years ago when she was visiting Wicklow for Aura-Soma events. Karin’s energy is like the beautiful stag – proud, gentle and protective. Karin shares the wisdom of Aura-Soma with her powerful and deep Family Constellation work. Karin hosts Roisin Eve’s Clearing Events in Liestal, building the rainbow bridge between Switzerland and Ireland – a beautiful and awakened being.