What is Energetic Attendance?

The source of every human being is energy.
Roisin connects on a spiritual vibration with this source.

Energy flows in waveforms through our bodies and are connected to all aspects of our being. Every living organism has a conscious energy and Roisin connects with this.

We are all from the same energy source which flows through everything on earth – trees, animals, seas and humans. The whole earth is a constant vibration of energy and we are the vehicles for that energy. Roisin’s gift allows her to connect with this wave form.

When Roisin connects with your energy wave form she can release blockages to help your emotional, mental and physical issues – such as grief, bitterness, resentment, anger, guilt, fear, loneliness or confusion.

After an energetic experience with Roisin you feel lighter and freer about yourself. Many people say that it can’t be explained, it has to be felt. Roisin calls this awakening to your energy flow. A cleansing of old energy.

You can support your energy change with Energetic Attendance of retreats and clearing days. Once you register your full name and date of birth you will be connected to the energy of the retreat or clearing day which will help support you and help prevent you from allowing the mind to return to old familiar patterns.

Roisin says we all must meet our energy Source half-way – the more clearing you have, the more positive results you receive. There is no limit to the number of clearings you can have.

You can connect with any retreat or clearing day energetically.

Please be aware of what you have planned that day as the energy may be very powerful and everyone has different reactions.

Ways You Can Energetically Participate:

To book energetically we need your full name and date of birth, please include any nick names or maiden name.

You can place a family member or friend on the list for their highest good. For example if a family member is unwell and cannot attend they can come energetically. We need the same information for them.

You can also put a situation onto the list for your work, relationships, family situations. If this situation is through you we need your details, if for a family member then we need their details.

Energetic Pricelist:

Adult Clearing Event (18+ yrs): £45

Child Clearing Event (0-17 years): £30

Animal Clearing: £25

Business/Organisation/Land Clearing: £300

Energetic Attendance of a Full Day Retreat: £100 per day

Children / Student (0-17 years): £75 per day

If you would like to attend a Clearing Event or Retreat energetically please contact William on +44 (0)28 9269 3499.