Roisin’s Story of the Dandelion

The dandelion is a mystical and magical plant. It is an ancient medicine that revives love and releases emotional trauma, overcoming mental blocks.

This beautiful plant is one of Roisin’s favourite flowers – she does not refer to it as a weed.

Roisin says the dandelion is a breakthrough plant on a spiritual level. It is connected to the solar plexus and it helps us break through fear, ego, self-worth, supporting us in owning our own power,

The dandelion holds magic and healing energy.

The dandelion has a big connection to the planet Jupiter, which is the planet of wealth.

The dandelion belongs to the element of air, it is a common saying when the dandelion turns into the puff ball, to make a wish and blow – watch how the faerie-like parachutes gently float as the wind carries them to new ground. The energy of rebirth begins.

Also the dandelion is sacred to Brigit. In Roman times it was Widely recognised for its fertility, It was the equivalent of a flower of strength.

If you make tea with the root and put it close to your bed, it calls spirit world into your presence, giving you guidance to any questions you ask.

As food, it is known as a whole food. All the vitamins we need are in one single plant. It contains 64 nutrients.

Dandelion flower essence is a detoxifer, it works on the emotional and mental body. It also helps in regression sessions, meditation and tapping therapy, to help let go.

Three years ago Roisin was guided by spirit to collect the dandelion seeds from her garden and sow them over the whole garden, including the lawns.

Roisin tried to plant the seed perfectly in difference places but Spirit said they will not grow, you need to blow the seeds and allow them to find their own ground.

She was told to Trust all would be revealed. In May 2015 the first of her new Jewellery range was birthed.

The Creation of Sacred Dandelion Jewellery

The dandelion seeds are hand-picked by Roisin. Roisin places the seeds into natural glass vessels of different colours. She energises each vessel as the seeds rest in the vessel. She opens up her body and allows the beings of light to come through her and out her hands as the seeds are energised. Then she places the seeds in her energised pod in her healing gardens at Rainbow Lighthouse. She sets each vessel under her crystal bed which comprises 7 powerful quartz crystals from the John of God Casa Dom Ignacio in Brazil.

The Aura-Soma System comprising 115 jewel coloured bottles infused with the energies of minerals, crystals, colour and plant energies is present in the pod. Roisin expresses Aura-Soma is a formless energy that can take us beyond limits. This is the main support system for all of the work at Rainbow Lighthouse. When the energy is complete Roisin then passes the seeds to be made into the Chakra Sacred jewellery. Creation happens: pine eco resin is hand mixed and poured to create the growth of each orb. 12 sacred energised dandelion seeds are hand-picked from each glass vessel and they are placed one by one into the pine resin. Gently colour is added, infusing resin, seed and colour; the birth process begins. The three vibrations- the resin, the seed and the colour- embrace their union. The process takes three days. Each orb holds the energy of the sacred number three; the divine father, the divine son and the divine spirit.