Raphael Tour II – Sunday 28th August 2016

A beautiful day of colour and light sharing love as the Rainbow Lighthouse family was elevated on the wings of Raphael.

We gathered at the Four Winds for the opening meditation supported by the beautiful Aura-Soma system. As bottle 96 opened our hearts the magic began.

149 souls surrendering the past and releasing the ancestral karma. As we sat on the pillars of the giants a tsunami of energy flowed through us as we raised beyond mental and emotional limitations of the ego self. Pallas Athena raised our crown chakra, forming an energy illuminating above each one of us. A deepening within as an inner stillness surfaced in our beings as our third eyes became the all seeing eye as one beam of light precious gemstones of opals, rubies, diamonds, topaz were placed within the eye, the initiation was unfolding. Spirit expressed that we each are a lighthouse and allow our beam to shine and let it flow to everyone and everywhere. Grace was all around us as the swan entered our process, expressing the beauty of purity in her graceful embrace.

As we journeyed on the energy of love and support was present in the Rainbow family. With laughter and remembrance, with tears and acceptance, our hearts were freer. The temple awaited us as we gathered in the sacred space of the divine lovers- not lovers in a physical sense but in a spiritual sense as masculine and feminine released separation and united as one. A deep process unfolded as fear of unity was very much present. As each distraction brought us deeper, more fear released as serenity surfaced from our souls; an acceptance was present in each being. A profound rescue of the divine feminine and the divine masculine was taking place. A truly sacred moment as we all were held in the wings of peace.

149 souls had moved through many lifetimes of conditioning, surrendering and reuniting with a deeper truth of their true purpose in this lifetime.

149 souls =5

96 of Raphael = 6

These add to 11…  1+1=2

2 is the peace bottle in Aura-Soma – peaceful communications that come through us rather than from us.

Our journey had ended and a new one was birthed in peace.