It is important to understand that every property is built on the ley-lines of the earth. These hold the energy both positive and negative. Most of us live in and buy property with little understanding of the history of the building and its previous tenants. Positive and negative vibrations remain that either support you or become detrimental to your health, wealth and well-being.

If you feel your life, business and personal relationships are not flowing and there are negative patterns repeating this is a sign there is an energy stagnation in your property. This can be from old traumas held within the property from previous tenants or problems on the land.

You can check by going into a room in your business or home that you like and set a timer for 2 minutes. Sit with your eyes closed and bring your attention to your stomach. Allow yourself to experience the feelings that are coming to you.

Then proceed to a room that you don’t really visit often and don’t sit in for long times. Again sit in the room for 2 minutes with your eyes closed and experience what you are feeling. You will then start to understand how energy builds in different areas and how each energy has a different feeling and expression – positive or negative. Each person’s energy is different and similarly every place and thought is different. This is all energy.

Roisin’s gift enables her to channel energies into the essence of paint which will transform your property and land with positive vibrations of love and protection.

You can transform one room at a time or a whole property and experience the transformation as it flows into your life. When you begin to see and feel the changes you will understand the sacred power of energy and how it can be positively transformed to enhance your life.

There are two ways you can energise your property. The first is that Roisin will visit your property to analyse the energies and shift them and prepare for the new energy to come in. The second is carried out via photograph. All that is required is a photograph of your home or business, the room/rooms you want energised, the age of the building if known, how long you have lived or worked at the property and any other information you may feel is relevant.

You will then be sent a colour chart to choose from a range of colours Roisin has been guided to share with you and at this stage you will be made aware of the energies that will be channelled into the paint when you redecorate.

This is a powerful process. All family members or staff members will go through a purification for 5 days when the process begins.

Children’s Spaces

Children live in a world of collective stresses; family, social media, and school. Young minds are mouldable and sensitive children can become agitated and stressed.  Cleansing and energising your child’s space can counteract this and bring balance to the whole.

Cleansing and energising your child’s space will help them feel more relaxed, more ease with themselves and their feelings; and more settled to retain information that is coming at them. It will also release any pressure the child may be feeling  and support those who are experiencing difficulties integrating at school, have lost a family member or a pet, are in a one parent family; have moved into a new house.

Energising your child’s bedroom will release anxiety, disturbed sleep, phobias, unsettled sleep patterns e.g. nightmares, afraid of the dark, not being able to fall asleep.

Cleansing and energising your child’s study room will bring more clarity, more relaxation into the mind giving confidence to the child enabling them to be able to take in more information, retain it and express it without fear.

The benefits of energising your child’s environment will be that your child will communicate better enabling them to reach their full potential without being emotionally affected by outside influences and situations in everyday life.

It will enable your child to grow in a restful and supportive environment, allowing them to grow in their natural rhythm.

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