Men’s Wellbeing

Men can find it difficult to express their emotions and worries. This Wellbeing session for men was created to support males in their daily lives with pressure, stress and responsibility. Over time we build up tensions, habits, patterns, anxieties and fear. Our bodies react in different ways in order to cope.

Relaxing and connecting within…It is important to learn to put your needs first. We have a lot of responsibilities – in life one of these responsibilities must be to our own needs – to take care of our beings needs such as our emotional needs which is our relationship with the world around us and ourself and how it effects us. The needs of the mind are to learn to relax and release.

The Mens Wellbeing session offers three hours of relaxation and release and consists of the following therapies:

Chakra Matrix Light Therapy Session (30 mins)
The Chakra Matrix Light Therapy System was channelled by Roisin Eve and developed at the Rainbow Lighthouse Centre. The system helps to relax and clear deep and rooted issues as you rest under the powerful vibration of energies connected to the Egyptians.

For more information on the individual therapies please click HERE.

Therapy Session with William using Colour, Music, and Conversation (2.5 hours)
Go on a journey of self-discovery through the colour of your soul to remember who you truly are and awaken a sense of clarity in relation to the path you are on in your life.

Reflection Time and Garden Walk (20 mins)
Enjoy cup of tea break as you experience the energy of the gardens of the Rainbow Lighthouse Centre.

Total Cost of the Wellbeing Session for Men – £300

To book please email or telephone +44 (0) 28 9269 3499.