Blessings from above as the energy of the Rainbow Lighthouse Medjugorje Retreat flows through the hearts…

177 beings of all belief systems came together to be touched by Our Lady of Grace in the beautiful energy of Medjugorje. We were truly blessed as our journey of peace began on Saturday the 7th October, 2017. A journey of grace, love & oneness was felt by all. People’s faith, hope and belief in themselves and the higher power of the Father-Mother energy, were restored.

I feel so privileged and blessed to have been guided to walk this path – on so many levels my heart has opened to those who were with me physically and energetically, to all the animals that were with me and the beautiful support I felt from them. As we sat on Apparition Hill and the energy of complete peace surrounded each one of us – the coral stones that each of us stepped upon as we rose higher into the light of the Christ Consciousness.

As some of the energies were so profound and due to some of the miracles that have occurred on the retreat, Rainbow Lighthouse are pleased to confirm that this will be an annual retreat to Medjugorje. I express my gratitude and thanks to the Rainbow Lighthouse Family in Ireland and in Switzerland for all their support, loyalty, friendship and their awakening and awareness for others to be a part of this retreat.

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Love & Light,
Roisin Eve

Roisin was in a lot of pain, and she realised that it was going to be a journey with a lot of physical pain. Roisin has experienced emotional pain before but not physical pain in this way.

All beliefs had come together – Brethren, Protestant, Catholic, Baptist, Lutherans, Non-Religious.

Roisin was guided by Saint Teresa and Saint Tomas to go to Medjugorje.

On Saturday the 7th of October the Blackbirds flew south into the ray of Our Lady of Peace. First to arrive was our Swiss family and then those from Belfast, Dublin and Greece made their journey to Medjugorje.

Sunday was a quiet day after an evening flight on Saturday and a coach trip from Croatia, into Bosnia and then Herzegovina. The day started late with a meditation in the hotel private chapel and then a visit to Saint James’s church which the town is based around. To the eastern end of the church is an open air amphitheatre with bench seating for up to 10,000 people. On the evenings when we visited the church, the amphitheatre seemed mostly full although the town was never packed as the pilgrims arrived and left quickly and quietly.

On Sundays there is a Mass in English with many nationalities attending and around 30 priests from America, Africa and Europe officiating in the Mass. The group consisted of different religions and those who followed only a spiritual concept that was not an organised creed – all attended the Mass and enjoyed the spiritual energy and the feeling of peace.

During the week small groups from the retreat would visit Saint

James’s which had a constant presentation of different aspects, all day, every day. We found that attending mass in a language we did not understand meant that we were not distracted by the words and instead felt the energy of the event.

After a late lunch the group held a beautiful Meditation under an olive tree at the Medjugorje Spa hotel, lying on the grass with the late afternoon sun beaming down. One of the party found a very large cricket and lifted the insect and placed it a long way away and within 10 minutes it was back with the group – heading into the light.

Roisin talked about a phrase that someone had heard a priest say – “I deserve nothing”. Roisin explained that when we free ourselves from the ego and stop wanting, then we make it possible to receive abundance. When we expect nothing we become powerful and we allow abundance to flow unhindered by our ego.

The day started with a meditation in the private chapel of the Medjugorje Spa Hotel we all made our way to Apparition Hill, just outside Medjugorje.

As we neared the hill we passed a small village where a crowd had formed to listen to Vikka, one of the ‘Visionaries’ – one of the original group of children who witnessed the first apparitions. She was now over 50 – she was outside her parents’ house bearing witness by her own testimony to the apparitions and what they meant to her and how they had changed her life. We later learnt that she spent all her time making impromptu speeches and immediately attracted crowds of hundreds each time. Whilst we could not understand her, the energy and emotion of her voice was both exciting and fascinating. Everyone in the group was

able to queue and touch Vikka’s hand before she left. We went to Blue Cross at the start of the Sunday, and there are two crosses, some of the group were at the right cross and some of us were at the blue cross at the left. It was beautiful just sitting there and the different things happening at each group, this was the start of us ascending into peace.

A short distance away the small brick pavement gives way to a tortured cavalcade of rock – a ‘terrible beauty’ – the beginning of the climb up Apparition Hill. A river of coral and brown and cream rocks, many polished with the legions of foot falls over the years, spread up the hill before us. Silently each person picked their way over the rocks climbing all the time – some people made the climb in bare feet.

Halfway up the hill are the locations where the apparitions took place and are marked with a wooden cross and a statue of ‘Our Lady’ which is positioned on a level stone terrace with the town of Medjugorje nestling at the bottom of the hill. From here we could see the vineyards that we had walked past on our way to Apparition Hill.

After a silent meditation beside the statue we made our way down the hill and walked back to the hotel.

The energy was so supreme on the Apparition Hill that many of the group revisited it several times – some went and some went

up during the night and some to watch the sunrise in the morning.

That evening we walked into the town for dinner at Vicktor’s Restaurant opposite Saint James’s church. This turned out to be a lesson in abundance – the staff greeted us as if we were old friends; the food was superb and there was so much of it. We had pre-ordered two courses and they arrived all at once and as mains – there was no room left on the table – it was truly a table of plenty.

I deserve nothing.

An early morning meditation at the Medjugorje Spa Hotel began the energy for the day. The coach arrived to take us to Kravica Waterfall about 40 minutes drive away. This waterfall represented a ‘cleansing of the heart’, as the rivers of our hearts, like the waterfalls, all joined at the bottom into one.

It was a beautiful sight with a horseshoe formation of waterfalls – it was like a movie scene and everyone drew their breath – Roisin said it was truly a picture postcard.

There were small rickety boats to take people across the lake to the waterfall side and our boatman’s name was Tomas Love. Saint Tomas had revealed himself as our ferryman.

Some of the lads jumped in and swam across – it was like a scene from Tom Sawyer as we were all transported to somewhere in our childhood. We were like brothers and sisters playing, away with their parents.

Once you have something beautiful in life, you must drink it in. Everyone took a long drink from this cup. To the extent that when everyone was across the lake, some of the girls jumped in and joined the men swimming beneath the waterfalls – a magical time. An exhilarating experience in a fantasy land.

We had a lovely meditation around a giant tree on the island, with everyone laying back beside each other in the sun.

There were many times, both as groups and as individuals, when we practised “I deserve nothing”, something beautiful and unexpected arrived on our laps. This has continued for some in the days after we returned home.

Afterwards we waved to Thomas, the ferryman, who came and brought us back.

The second group from Dublin arrived who were starting their four day retreat and immediately fell into the peaceful energy of

the retreat group.

Back in Medjugorje, after dinner some of the group went to the adoration held at St James’s Church at the outdoors basilica which had a profound energy of peace. Roisin says we have to choose that part of a religion which we identify with and which speaks to us. The peace and calmness of being outdoors with over 8000 silent people, at dusk, beneath a deep royal blue sky was a very special experience.

All the warriors of Light made ready for Cross Mountain and began the pilgrim walk of peace up the beautiful coral and brown river of stone. The energy of the coral sand and clay and stone was with us, on our feet for the whole journey, it was so beautiful. Coral – the true reflection of the love for yourself and the co-operation within. Roisin said that the stones were like our Lord’s hands as they lifted us higher and higher up the mountain. Roisin felt uplifted and blessed with love. As light as a feather.

The climb was steep and strenuous and tested every limb and

muscle. At the different stations Seamus would stop to speak and sing ‘Ave Maria’. As you looked up, the mountain went on – the challenge for the summit.

At the top, beside the gigantic white cross, we looked over the land below for miles and miles. A little dog (god) greeted us and stayed with us for the whole meditation. It didn’t need love, it just came to stay for the meditation. On the summit people in the group realised personal miracles with the connections of what happened and what was said and seen.

That morning Roisin had been guided to bring pomegranates – she had never tasted pomegranates, but was guided to bring them and cut them open so we could eat the fleshy seeds which resembled bunches of little coral grapes.

Roisin laid the pomegranates out, opened, on a cloth at the foot of the enormous cross and everyone in the group ate some and tasted the sweet nectar of the fruit.

The significance of the pomegranate is that it represents the Sacred Feminine and that the Divine Mother was feeding us on the summit. The pomegranates were growing wild all the way up Apparition Hill and White Cross Mountain as a living symbol of the Sacred Feminine and Divine Mother.

During the meditation we played ‘Benedictus’ – a powerful piece

of music – a lady from Zurich who ran a religious radio station heard the music and asked Roisin what was the name of the music as it had made her very emotional and she wanted to play it on the radio. She said that every time she played it she would think of us at that moment on the mountain. A powerful on-going connection on the airwaves.

Breakthroughs had occurred and the sun beat down on the group as they picked their way down the ‘river of stone’ stopping to take in the view of distant snow covered mountains and to take in the strength of peace that filled the air.

Time flew while on the mountain and after a return to the beautiful Medjugouje Spa Hotel where we were made so welcome.

This day was the vision that Roisin had experienced which awakened her to Medjugorje. She had never heard of Tihaljina or Our Lady of Graces’ statue or its reputation. She told the team in Rainbow Lighthouse that Mary was wearing pink and the information sheet about the retreat had to depict Mary in pink. Only when she arrived in Medjugorje did she realise that Our Lady’s statue was in pink and pale blue.

After a morning meditation the coach (it was coral outside and inside) arrived to take us to Tihaljina, one of the regions’ most attractive areas. On the coach, Roisin encouraged everyone to have a journey with the mother and father – have a conversation with them and be ready to bring that feeling with them.

One hour away, the now famous church at Tihaljina housed the unique and memorable Italian sculpture of Our Lady of Graces, who has been at the centre of many stories of miracles.

Seamus, our local guide who helped us on our retreat in different ways, told the story of a very troubled friend whom he brought to the statue of Our Lady at Tihaljina and she shed a tear which transformed the young man’s life and where he was destitute and distraught before, he now lives happily with his wife and family.

Our Lady of Graces was magnificent and the energy in the church was so supreme. Sitting outside the church, in the warm sunshine amongst the trees and flowers and vines was so beautiful.

I deserve nothing.

Back on the coach for a short journey down a beautiful lane to Kocusa – and another waterfall !

As the coach turned a corner the whole vista was revealed under clear blue skies – beautiful waterfalls pouring into a clear lake with many fish, ducks and geese in little rivers from the lake – almost too good to be true, like a picture postcard. In fact we learnt that it has been used as a setting in several movies.

Roisin said that the Father was pouring his love into us.

And beside it a low set restaurant where we had a beautiful lunch looking over the waterfall and lake.

I deserve nothing.

After lunch we had a lovely meditation by the waterfall – this second waterfall represented the love from Spirit pouring into our hearts

Returning to Medjugorje our coach driver told us that in the winter he worked with his vines and with the seasons harvest to produce local wine. Significant because Roisin said at the start of the retreat, “the Lord says he is the vine and we are the fruit”.

This was our last night in the lovely Medjugorje Spa Hotel. Earlier the management of the hotel had offered to bake the group a cake and had made a beautiful chocolate cake with love and intention – it was delicious and light. They dimmed the lights and brought it out alight (which in a photograph shows an angel in the flame of the candle).

After dinner Seamus bravely and beautifully told his story and revealed so much of what he had been through on his personal journey and during the pilgrimage on Cross Mountain, he had stopped at each station and left behind what he had struggled with. A powerful testimony.

Aaron sang and played his guitar in a beautiful song to awaken the hearts. His amazing voice touched our souls.

At the same time on Thursday, Columba who remained at Rainbow Lighthouse Centre, was painting the statue of Our Lady in the Rainbow Lighthouse gardens, pink and blue – the colours of Our Lady of Graces. No separation.

We visited Apparition Hill again as a group in the morning to revisit the beautiful energies for the last time on this retreat. Leaving on the Hill that which no longer served us we returned to the hotel for lunch, so much lighter and content within.

That morning the hotel staff expressed regret at our departure. They said that every level of staff reported that the group was the best they had ever had on all levels. They had never come across a group so kind and honest Even the chambermaids said that they loved cleaning up after us !! They could feel the energy of peace in the rooms.

 As the coach drove out of the car park the director and manager waved goodbye to us. They later sent us an email which is at the end of the story.

Roisin said “If we are leaving that behind us, isn’t that a credit to what we are doing. To see the jewel that you are, not in an egoic

way but in a divine service way. Our mothers and fathers were be so proud of their children.”

This was a reminder to all who had taken part on the retreat of their ability to share the Light with others and that it has been felt and was real. In working with the Light we have many struggles to rid ourselves of our darkness, which spoils things, but the gifts we receive are many and are beautiful and are experienced by those who are determined.

The coach journey across Herzegovina, Bosnia and Croatia took us to the coast at the beautiful Adriatic Sea to our sea-side hotel for the last night before flying home.

At the rest halt on the way the coach driver asked Roisin “who are you people? I have never felt so emotionally happy and at peace”. We continued to spread the love – what a gift, we are truly blessed.

The morning was a long and deep meditation in a beach house beside the sea. The sun sparkled off the water which gently lapped against the shore beside us.

Sheltered from the sun and lifted by the gentle breeze Roisin reminded us of the amazing blessings in our  remarkable journey. We cried, laughed, talked and played together. Each supporting the other – a family of love.

At lunchtime Roisin closed the retreat and set the energy of the retreat to run for 21 days.

Everyone enjoyed the sun and the feelings of peace.

The retreat will be an annual event each year for the next 12 years, Roisin is told.

”I feel blessed on so many levels to have walked this path.

My heart feels supported and loved.

The only thing to say is that I wish I had got the call sooner from Medjugorje.”

Love & Light,
Roisin Eve

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George & Leisa

”I feel deep love and gratitude for how Roisin Eve has supported me to let go of all the pain and regrets that were holding me back, into a life where I feel more confident and much happier. Working with deep compassion and grace, Roisin Eve is supported by heavenly energies to get to the heart of the issues that are causing your pain. Her gift is emotional clearing, a profound yet gentle inner cleansing. Roisin has a unique gift where she speaks to the deepest most private, hidden, hurt and wounded parts of you, releasing unhelpful emotions and conditioning. I can highly recommend Roisin Eve to support you in your life. I am forever grateful. Roisin Eve and the therapists at Rainbow Lighthouse are a team of down-to-earth spiritual light-workers that bring light and colour back into your life.”


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Kim & Trish

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”My trip to Medjugorje was a powerful experience and I am delighted to have shared it with so many beautiful people. The trip was planned with such love and care that it surpassed all my expectations. Everything was done with such ease – the travel arrangements, accommodation, the sites we visited, food & drink, all of the highest standard. The group were amazing all supporting each other, healing each other from the heart. We laughed and we cried. We were fully supported. The energy bubble we were in was felt by everyone the group came in contact with. I came on this trip thinking this was a once in a lifetime experience but left knowing that this is just the start of my retreats & journeys with Rainbow Lighthouse. I highly recommend the services offered & believe that everyone should experience them.”


”The Medjugorje Retreat with Roisin has enabled me to experience the absolute essence of Love in every aspect of my Being held in the loving embrace of the Rainbow Lighthouse family. Definitely returning home in a completely different energy field – pure magic.”


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Dear William,

It was our pleasure to meet you and your people, it was a gorgeous group.

We hope you were satisfied with our hotel and service.

We heard about hurricane Ophelia, hope you and your families are all safe and we are sending to you all our prayers.

Hope to see you again next year!

Lidija Krešo