February 2016 – The Magdalene Awakening II – Carcassonne, St Maximin, Grasse. France

This was the second retreat of a trilogy which included visiting the medieval town of Carcassonne home of the Cathars, the enigmatic Rennes le Chateau with its conspiracy theories, St Marie de la Mer where the ‘three Mary’s landed’, St Maximin la Baume which holds remains of Mary Magdalene in the Basilica and Grasse where everyone made their own fragrance at Fragonard, the perfume capital of the world, before flying home from Nice.

The journey traced the story of Mary Magdalene in France and visited the feminine energy to give birth to a new beginning within. The final day included.

The final Magdalene Awakening will be in March 2017 centered in Paris, Versailles and Verzaley.