All things on this earth can hold and emit energy. Everything is energy…

Property can experience difficulties in many ways and this can be due to the energy that is held in the land or in buildings as a result of past trauma. People can be unaware of this, although many of us instinctively know if we are in a dubious or unsettling place – the energy somehow just doesn’t ‘feel’ right. Sometimes it is more subtle, only showing itself over a period of time, or things can feel as if they are stuck and nothing is moving.

Roisin can clear these energy vibrations so that everything flows more freely for the property and land.

Sessions are available by arrangement and usually can be carried out in one day, however this process may need repeated two or three times if the trauma is quite severe.

A three hour property and land clearing is charged at £450-£1000 depending on the age of the property. There will be an additional charge for any overnight accommodation and for travel over 70 miles. All costs will be identified beforehand and the final price submitted before starting.

You will be sent a detailed report via email about what Roisin has cleared at your premises and her findings.

For more information and booking please call us on (#44) (0)28 9269 3499 Monday to Friday 10 am to 3 pm or email