Hosting a Clearing Event

By hosting a Clearing event your energy will be raised up to a higher level as you become part of the vibration of Rainbow Lighthouse. Your life will flow more easily and you will receive all that the universe is trying to give to you. All blocks will be cleared out of your way and old struggles will be released.  A support sytem will come in that you have never experienced before – a feeling of lightness and of being supported and acknowledged by the Spiritual Kingdom. When you are a part of the Rainbow vibration, you will shift to a high level and everyone connecting to you will also take a shift – an awakening to the truth of who you are.

What is needed in order to host a Clearing Event

In order to host a Clearing event there is a minimum required number of 20 participants for events within the island of Ireland. For events in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, Austailia etc. please contact us directly as minimum numbers and prices vary depending on travel costs.

The ideal venue for a Clearing event is a quiet room with plenty of natural light that can comfortably seat 30 people or more. The room should have good lighting and available sockets, comfortable chairs and a table for displaying the Aura-Soma System (minimum 4 ft x 3 ft). Drinking water and toilet facilites should be available at the site and the provision of tea and coffee would be welcomed.

Normally we prefer to set the room up on the day before the event. This helps build the energy for Roisin to enter the area more easily.

Rainbow Lighthouse provides information leaflets to help you promote the event. We create and provide you with digital and paper copies of information leaflets for the event. You can distribute these to your customer base and among local businesses.  We also promote the event on our website and through social media platforms.

By hosting an event you are supporting the Rainbow Lighthouse Holistic Centre and Healing Gardens.

Please contact William or Emmet on +44 (0)28 9269 3499.