To help prepare for the Clearing process and to receive the powerful energy and messages for yourself.

These guidelines given by SPIRIT are called the Twelve Disciplines.

  • The energy starts to work with you as soon as you book your name in for the clearing day. To get the best out of the process, it is advisable to book your name as soon as possible.
  • You may start to feel different emotions in the days before the Clearing day as your body gets ready to release old conditioning.
  • What to wear – White or beige clothing with no patterns. This enables Spirit to connect with you on a deeper level without any blocks. Heavy colours delay the Spirit messages coming to you.
  • It is advisable not to drink alcohol the night before as it lowers your vibration.
  • Check information flyer for registration time.
  • Once you have completed registration please enter the room quietly, remove shoes and sit quietly with your eyes closed in preparation for journey ahead.
  • Turn all mobile phone completely off. Do not place on silent as the satellite signals from mobile phones confuse your Spirit messages.
  • Please take care not to handle the Aura-Soma coloured bottles on the table that support Roisin.
  • If Roisin asks a question and you feel it is connected to you please raise your hand. It is very important that you do speak without fear as Spirit may want to give you a very important message. This question cannot be asked later as Spirit works in the moment.
  • When Roisin closes the session please do not approach her to ask questions as Roisin will be going through different vibrational states as Spirit leaves her body.
  • If you have any questions at the end of the session please find a volunteer on the day and they will guide you.
  • Please bring some water to drink.