Eye care charity which brings sight to many throughout the world, particularly children, with sometimes simple procedures which are unavailable in their countries. They have a specially fitted passenger jet (provided by DHL) which has been converted into operating theatres, surgeries, training rooms and recovery rooms. This flying eye hospital visits distant places bringing the gift of sight to people who would otherwise remain in darkness.

Zambia Outreach Project

A long-term project building a school and community facilities for a community in the suburbs of the capital. This takes the form of raising money to send volunteers to help work in construction and planning as well as community organisers to help set up social schemes in the neighbourhood.

UNICEF Save The Children Fund

The United Nations fund identifies real need throughout the world for incidents and situations where children need aid and help. It has a long history and much wisdom in getting aid to where it is needed and is known throughout the world for its reliable work.

The Orphans

Rainbow Lighthouse has developed an affinity for helping orphans – not small children who have been left without parents, but people who as children suffered loss as an orphan and have carried the loneliness and rejection and the feeling of not belonging through their lives. These people come and stay at Rainbow Lighthouse Centre and work as a volunteer in administration or in the gardens.

We are in the process of building several ‘yurts’ and facilities where people can stay for a short time while they re-energise and work as a volunteer.


We are continuously raising funds for Rainbow Lighthouse, so that it can continue its charitable work. In a local context we plan to extend and expand the Rainbow Lighthouse Centre in Dromore to facilitate more people whose growing up and exposure to life has caused them problems, which can be helped by working with other people in a variety of activities. We welcome any donation or enquiry regarding our projects.