Clearing Meditations – Rising Spirit

This is a Clearing to awaken the healer within. Connecting with the ‘I am’ presence – releasing and allowing all to die that does not serve my being. Connecting with deep peace and lifting the veils of illusion as new beginnings awaken within and without. Raising all the bodies into a higher vibration of light.

All Clearing meditations transfer energy vibrations in the words to help clear and support deep issues held in our physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies. Clearing our physical body to let go and receive, clearing our emotional body to accept and awaken, clearing our mental body to forgive and move forward. Clearing our energetic body of karmic ties. This process supports a deeper connection with our spiritual body – awakening the truth of our path and heightening our senses – opening the gateway to the spiritual world. Please be mindful that this a high energy product you are purchasing – the vibrations shift blocked energies at a very high rate.

This powerful recording gives you a completely safe and very effective way of working on deep issues on a physical, mental, emotion, spiritual and energetic level.

Note: Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to these meditations.

Download: All Meditation Downloads are in the mp3 format. Once your payment has been completed, you can login to your personal account on the the Rainbow Lighthouse website. Click “My Account” and then click ‘downloads’ and select the file(s) you wish to download. You can then save the file to your computer or other audio devices.

Copyright: This recording is for personal use only. Any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording will constitute an infringement of copyright. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2016 Rainbow Lighthouse