Meditations for Children & Inner Child Work

Roisin was guided to create five meditation tracks to support children and inner child work. These meditations were birthed while Roisin was holding weekly meditation classes over a three year period for school children aged six to eleven. Roisin says that during this time the children shared their cares and worries. As she guided them through the meditations the children were taken on a series of inner journeys. She watched as they progressed each week going deeper and quicker into deep relaxation. At the end of each meditation Roisin would ask the children would they like to share with the group. The beauty of the inner journeys taken by the children is captured in their own words:

“I feel light and happy”

“I don’t feel afraid anymore”

“I feel very warm inside”

“My grandad came to talk to me”

“I was a rainbow butterfly”

“The leaves of the tree fell on my face and gave me the answer”

“I met an angel and she told me her name”


The Tracks:

1.  Relaxation (7.44)

2.  The Butterfly (5.08)

3. The Rose Petal (3.59)

4. The Rainbow Walk (8.52)

5. The Tree (6.41)

Total running time: Approximately 33 minutes

Overview: A high quality production featuring five guided meditation tracks. This powerful CD gives you a completely safe and very effective way of working on your inner child.

Note: Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to these meditations.

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