Droplet of Isis


The Droplet of Isis illuminates the light of the Moon within our psyche, opening our third eye, our intuitive aspect. Supports the wearer to look beyond the conscious veil into the hidden aspects of our being.


The Story of Droplets of Grace

Droplets of Grace were birthed at Rainbow Lighthouse in December 2020 in preparation for humanity entering the Age of Aquarius. Roisin Eve was guided by Spirit to collect holy waters from the sacred wells of Ireland and to infuse them with her Aquarius energy essence and add crystal wands of Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Clear Quartz and Sodalite.

Each Droplet of Grace promotes an inner awareness of our interconnectedness to all life, integrating more of our heavenly body’s essence into earthly form, reconnecting our energy field to its sacred voice, communicating stillness, awareness, and oneness within our vessel. Each droplet is infused with specific energies to help support the many issues we face as human beings.

Droplets of Grace begin their journey from Rainbow Lighthouse in County Down and are hand delivered by Roisin Eve to Breeda Hughes, a handcraft jewellery designer based in Killarney, County Kerry. In her beautiful hidden workshop, surrounded by the mystical elements of faeries and nature spirits, Breeda’s alchemy begins by weaving glass, sacred waters, and beads – clasped together within a solid silver bell clasp, handcrafted in America and specifically designed for the droplets. This loving work completes each piece into a Droplet of Grace – solid silver Droplets of Grace made with love and intention.

When choosing a Droplet of Grace, take three gentle breaths, reciting the ‘Our Father’ or ‘Hail Mary’ prayer within. When opening the eyes, choose the droplet that calls to you without changing your mind, trust in your first choice.

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Note: Due to the use of natural colours, some sediment may form over time. However, this does not affect the droplet’s essence.

Additional information

Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1.75 cm

Isis, Our Lady, Saint Teresa, Metatron, Heart Trinity, Christ, Flower of Life, Kwan Yin, Saint Francis, Bridget, Ascension

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