In the hearts that are free of mind, a new path opens, a new life unfolds. When open hearts flow together for the purpose of spiritual awakening, powerful transformations take place within our life on so many levels of being. Roisin Eve guides you into her deep connection with Spirit and the Divine conciousness of God.

This powerful recording gives you a completely safe and very effective way of working on deep issues on a physical, mental, emotion, spiritual and energetic level. This product contain four audio downloads (.mp3 format) recorded during the October 2020 Meditation cycle at Rainbow Lighthouse. Each recording is approximately 90 minutes long giving a total duration of six hours of meditation recodings.

Total Running time: four and a half hours approximately

Note: Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to these meditations.

Download: Four files, 60MB each (Total 180MB). All Meditation Downloads are in the mp3 format. Once your payment has been completed, you can login to your personal account on the the Rainbow Lighthouse website. Click “My Account” and then click ‘downloads’ and select the file(s) you wish to download. You can then save the file to your computer or other audio devices.

Copyright: This recording is for personal use only. Any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording will constitute an infringement of copyright. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2022 Rainbow Lighthouse.