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Luxuriant…nourishing…soothing…the radiance of all you can be. When you think of AEOS, feel. For what AEOS offers to beauty is deeper than skin. The extraordinary possibility at the heart of this skincare homage to total natural loveliness is to experience how what we put on our skin can inspire and reveal the mysteries of beauty within.

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The secret is in the soil which has given AEOS the exquisiteness of its own within. Beginning with the care of the Earth using biodynamic growing methods on Shire Farm, which is owned and operated by Aura-Soma Products Limited, AEOS is created with extracts and essential oils of herbs and plants cultivated in such a way that they bring new life and vitality to the soil in which they grow. This in turn nourishes and strengthens the immune systems of the plants, and when harvested they are further energised with tinctures of crystals and minerals derived from the spagyric alchemy process. Thus inherent in AEOS are the life-giving qualities that translate not only to the innermost layers of skin, but also support the health and well-being of our own inner natures.

Ten years of development have gone into composing the delicate balance of natural ingredients in AEOS, so that the sum of the whole enlivens and magnifies all the beautiful parts. AEOS contains no artificial colouring and features innovative harvesting of particular essential oils from plants grown biodynamically on Shire Farm, including a unique use of the ancient spelt grain. Cutting edge technology using tocopherols (Vitamin E) from plant-derived sources are combined with the active energies of crystals and minerals derived using the ancient art of alchemy, all orchestrated with an intention for the greater good and an atmosphere of inner and outer radiance.

From the ancient art of the apothecary, AEOS is the future revealing the wisdom of the past. Heralding a new skincare aeon from the kingdoms of plants, minerals, colour and light for those seeking the mystery of their own inner realms. For a 21st century world asking us to bring more of who we truly are into being. Dynamic. Exceptional. Even revolutionary.

To order please email or call (+44) (0)28 9269 3499

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