One-to-One Session at Rainbow Lighthouse

When you book a private session at Rainbow Lighthouse, Roisin’s Clearing energy flows to you and immediately starts your process. You may experience in your physical body mild aches and pains. You may become more sensitive in your emotional body. In the mental body you may begin to remember past events, or you may see visions of Roisin. These are just a few examples of experiences people report when they book in for a private session. As the day of your appointment approaches, please be mindful that you will be in a very powerful process particularly in the week leading up to the session. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself more space and time than usual.

The energy of Rainbow Lighthouse flows out in all directions to a radius of 16.5 miles. When you enter the energy vibration, your senses will awaken. People often express a feeling of pure love, comfort and lightness.

Appointments are usually on Wednesday and Thursdays (other days can be arranged). When you arrive at Rainbow Lighthouse at 10:00 your inner journey begins.

  • Tea / Coffee
  • Chraka Matrix Light System
  • Complimentary short Aura-Soma Colour Therapy
  • Early Lunch at Rainbow Lighthouse with Roisin
  • Transformational Clearing with Roisin
  • Tea / Coffee
  • Session Ends around 16:30

Total Cost of Session – £750

To book a One-to-One Session at Rainbow Lighthouse please email or telephone +44 (0) 28 9269 3499.