The Rainbow Lighthouse Blackbirds travelled for the second part of the New York Retreat. 53 Blackbirds, physically and energetically, arrived home with their wings outstretched. A deepening of the heart, letting go on so many levels of being as the shepherd guided us with his love. As one essence our souls journeyed into vast consciousness of being, releasing karmic ties of the past, awakening and filling us up – a chalice of plenty our love overflowed within the group and beyond form. As each being refined and transformed themselves new light broke through as the star revealed itself in each one of us.

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As we went through the gateways Spirit recognised each one of us on a profound level. We were invited to sit with John of God in his personal space, a truly sacred moment for all of the group. Each being was recognised for their service to the light.

As we lay beneath the sycamore tree the essence of Master Jesus graced us with his presence as the warm wind comforted us we felt held in love.

With the presence of the deer and the graceful elephant we were safe and protected as we listened with our hearts to the Passion of Christ a divine connection could be felt within our beings.

Be still my soul the Lord would say, you are my children and I am your shepherd.