Understanding deep rooted issues in your life and resolving them.

During the session Roisin and William will shift energies that are held in your body and clear the blocks that you hold which prevent you moving forward.

Most of us are unaware of these energies or blocks and it is only after a session that you will feel lighter, spiritually uplifted and happier about you, your life and the people in it. Old traumas and phobias are also cleared.

After the Clearing there is energy movement which fills the body with peace and contentment.
During the clearing of old emotions and conditioning you will have either one or two colour therapy sessions to help you understand the changes that you can make in your life.

Each session will be supported with the beautiful oils of the Aura-Soma colours.
Roisin and her husband William work together on special Clearing and Healing sessions.

Fees:- A Two and a half hour Session: £220 or €270 for an individual clearing, healing and colour therapy with Roisin and William.

Sessions are available weekdays between 9am and 4pm, by appointment.
A deposit is required to secure bookings. If you are unable to keep an appointment and give three days notice you can transfer your deposit or pre-payment to another date. If you do not turn up for an appointment or give less than three days notice you will lose 70% of your deposit or pre-payment.