Rainbow Lighthouse Therapist Emma Henry

Rainbow Lighthouse Therapist Emma Henry

A message from Roisin about Emma: “When I first met Emma, Spirit guided me to share with her that Joan of Arc was guiding her in this lifetime with courage and vision.”

As a survivor of an aggressive form of meningitis as a child, Emma will shave her head in aid of the charity Meningitis Now. Emma’s head shave will take place at the Rainbow Lighthouse Holistic Centre on Thursday 3rd November at 3pm – the 31st anniversary of her miracle recovery from the disease.

When the warrior Joan that had her head shaved by force, she cried “let me die”. Emma now shaves her  head and she cries “I am alive”.


Emma’s childhood teddy ‘Birt’ who was her comfort in hospital

Emma will be supported on the day by her mother Eileen, her childhood teddy Birt who was her comfort in hospital on that miraculous night, and her Rainbow Lighthouse family. In the powerful words of Joan of Arc:

“I am not afraid, I was born to do this”.

Please support Emma and Meningitis Now by visiting her JustGiving page and searching for ‘Shear Perfection’.